How Smart Voter Uses Your Address

Smart Voter does not use street addresses for any purpose other than retrieving a customized ballot. The addresses will not be disclosed or used in any analysis or report.

Smart Voter uses your street address and zip code to find your ballot and polling location. Election officials divide a county into precincts where each precinct may have a unique combination of districts and political boundaries. Polling locations are also assigned by precinct.

Your address is used to determine the precinct, which, in turn, determines polling location and ballot type. Election officials have furnished the Smart Voter system with the street address ranges for precincts, and the corresponding polling place and ballot information. We do not currently have the ability to hold individual addresses or to check voter registration status.

We use your street address and zip code only to build your ballot.

If you believe that your street address and zip code should have produced a ballot, you can report this problem. We must have your street address and zip code to be able to determine whether a problem exists and how to fix it. We do not use this information for any other purpose.

How is "Party" used?

In a primary election, party may also be used to produce a ballot. You may see any party's primary ballot for a specified address. We do not use the party specified for any purpose other than to produce a ballot. We do not save it anywhere.

How Smart Voter uses your Email Address

We use email addresses to allow a Smart Voter project team member to respond to your feedback. We will not include your email address in the public WWW site or disclose your address to anyone except project team members. We do not correlate email addresses from feedback messages with street addresses unless you explicitly include your street address in the message.

If you ask to subscribe to our SmartVoterNews, we keep your email address in our mailing lists and use it to send you a copy of our online newsletter. We do not give or sell this list to anyone.