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Los Angeles County, CA April 11, 2000 Election
Directory of Los Angeles County, CA Measures
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Measure Avalon-A Extension of time limit for Avalon Community Improvement Agency -- City of Avalon
Shall the time within which the Avalon Community Improvement Agency is able to finance approved projects be extended from January 1, 2004 to January 1, 2014?

Measure Avalon-B Confirmation of Transient Occupancy Tax Increase -- City of Avalon
Shall the Transient Occupancy Tax rate of 9% enacted by the City Council in 1994 be confirmed?

Measure Avalon-C Half-percent sales tax increase for hospital funding -- City of Avalon
Shall a half-percent (0.5%) sales tax be adopted to fund Avalon Municipal Hospital and Clinic Operations?

Measure Culver-M Safe School Zones Ordinance of 1999 -- Culver City (Initiative Ordinance)
Shall an initiative measure prohibiting certain uses and restricting building heights to 22 feet within 400 feet of some public and private schools and applying a 56 foot height limit without the current exemption process for redevelopment project areas, throughout the City of Culver City, be adopted?

Measure Culver-N Minimum Qualifications for the Elected Office of City Treasurer, Requiring Prior Experience or Education; Continuing Education; and Bondability -- Culver City (Charter Amendment)
Shall Section 501 of the Charter of the City of Culver City be amended to establish minimum qualifications for the elected Office of City Treasurer requiring prior experience or education, continuing education and bondability?

Measure Culver-O Amendment to the City Charter of the City of Culver City, Requiring the City Clerk Or Deputy City Clerk to Attend City Council Meetings, Unless Excused; and Requiring the City Clerk to Attend a Council Meeting Within a Sixty Day Period, Unless the City Council Has Consented to the Absence -- Culver City (Charter Amendment)
Shall Section 601(a) of the Charter of the City of Culver City be amended to require that the City Clerk or Deputy City Clerk shall attend all City Council meetings, unless excused by the City Council; and to require that if the City Clerk fails to attend City Council meetings for a sixty (60) consecutive day period without Council approval, the City Clerk shall forfeit his/her office?

Measure Culver-P Amendments to the Charter of the City of Culver City Changing the Title of the Position of "Controller" to "Finance Director"; Establishing the Finance Director's Responsibilities for Budget and Finance Matters; and Reassigning Accounting Duties From the City Treasurer to the Finance Director -- Culver City (Charter Amendment)
Shall the Charter of the City of Culver City be amended to change the reference in Sections 1312 and 1315 from "Controller" to "Finance Director" and to add a new section establishing the Finance Director's responsibilities for budget, finance and accounting functions and to reassign the accounting duties from the City Treasurer to the Finance Director?

If Measure P is not approved or adopted, shall Section 602 of the Charter of the City of Culver City be amended to allow the City Council to approve demands, which have been denied by the City Treasurer?

Measure Culver-R Amendment to the Charter of the City of Culver City Making Technical Amendments By Deleting, and/Or Clarifying Obsolete Or Complicated Language and Replacing It With Simpler Language -- Culver City (Charter Amendment)
Shall technical amendments be made to Sections 500.1, 504, 510, 601, 602, 802, 1203 and 1307 of the Charter of the City of Culver City by deleting and/or clarifying obsolete, awkward, and/or complicated language and, when applicable, replacing it with more direct, simpler language, as follows:

a. Amend Section 500.1 by deleting obsolete language, referring to the 1982 Municipal Election, and replacing it with, "The City Clerk and City Treasurer shall be elected at alternate elections."

b. Amend Section 504 by deleting somewhat complex, existing language, regarding the conditions under which a Councilmember forfeits his or her office, and by restating the identical conditions in a more direct manner.

c. Amend Section 510 by deleting the currently existing word "emergency" wherever it occurs and replacing it with the word "urgency".

d. Amend Sections 601 and 602 by deleting obsolete language establishing that if the voters approve a certain Charter amendment, it would take effect in 1996.

e. Amend Section 802 by deleting obsolete language which had been necessary to direct how to stagger terms of members of boards and commissions at the time when commissions were initially established and commissioners appointed.

f. Amend Section 1203 by deleting existing, awkward language relating to "initiative, referendum and recall" and replacing it with simpler, more direct language.

g. Amend Section 1307 by deleting existing convoluted, language relating to "capital funds" and replacing it with simpler, more direct language.

Measure Malibu-A Term Limits. City Council -- City of Malibu

Measure Malibu-B General Tax on Occupancy of Parking Facilities -- City of Malibu (Ordinance)

Measure Malibu-C Expenditure of Funds from Tax on Occupancy of Parking Facilities -- City of Malibu (Advisory Vote)

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